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My earliest memory of coffee is cups shared around my mother's farm table and conversations held between friends and family over these cups.  Her love of coffee and these early experiences form the genesis of my personal coffee story.  

Born from a love of coffee and a higher calling, Coffee Culture Revival is a micro coffee roasting company in fearless pursuit of making a lot of lives a little better through coffee and it’s service to a greater purpose. Not Just a Coffee, A Revival.

Guided by a deeply rooted belief that coffee is more than just a caffeine fix , we believe coffee can shape communities and uplift lives. With this visionary inspired approach applied across the entire coffee supply chain, the humble cup of coffee becomes a compelling vehicle to foster community, connections and purpose.

Driven with a passion for excellence and a desire for everyone to experience it, in coffee, in life and in purpose. From the communities where we source the coffee, through to the communities where we roast, sell and serve the coffee; our mission is to make a lot of lives a little better, one cup at a time

We believe that coffee is more than just a caffeine fix.  We pride ourselves on working with care and sustainability at every step. When you drink Revival, you can be sure you are drinking some of the highest quality coffee that is available in the world, known as Specialty Grade Coffee. Specialty grade coffee is a philosophy, a community and a commitment to excellence. 


At Coffee Culture Revival, we work in tireless pursuit of the ultimate roast on a quest for the ever elusive perfect cup but also in honor of the hard work and care that is taken throughout the supply chain in producing this premium level coffee. We are also passionate about food, health and environmental wellness.  We always choose organic and fair trade when possible.  Many of our coffees are sourced from all women co-operatives with the goal of empowerment at heart. We always go the extra mile from source to brew and the reward is in your cup.  Our mission is to lift up your coffee experience and in so doing connect, elevate and serve a collective greater purpose. 


Coffee Community. Coffee Culture. Coffee Revival.


Freshly roasted and premium coffee from our micro roastery to your door.  Sourcing, shipping, and providing what is among the highest quality coffees in the world. We offer free local delivery within 30 miles of the flagship roasting shop in Blossvale NY as well as flat rate domestic shipping and wholesale services for select cafes and artisan shops. 

In service to the coffee community we open the coffee roastery to the public every Saturday for coffee tastings, comraderie, pick ups and pouring and our new addition artisan Ice-cream to compliment our small batch coffee.  If you are a coffee lover this is the coffee for you. Coffee, the way coffee was meant to be enjoyed.  

We also proudly offer a line of coffee for fundraising. Our not for profit coffee line "Cause Coffee by Revival Ltd." is a purchase with purpose program and we offer a generous profit sharing program to those we partner with. Our main focus and  passion within this purpose driven project  involves whole health and wellness systems that center on mind body and spirit.  

If you have a group, or a cause and are interested in developing a Coffee for Causes with us please reach out 315-225-4202 or email and shoot us your cause. 

President and Roast Master| Laurie Cowan