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Coffee Culture Revival

Bali Blue Moon Organic

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From the main coffee growing region of the Asia Pacific. Bali Blue Moon gets its name from the mother Varietal originally grown on the infamous Jamaican Blue Mountain and transplanted to the colorful, Indonesian, Island paradise of Bali where the rich volcanic soils impart a distinct and unique flavor to your cup.  This is one of our top sellers and has a bit of a cult like following among its fans.  This Years Lot is very Bold and has a deep wine like and earthy undertone.  

  • Cultivars: Bourbon, Typica, and Catimor
  • Processing Method: Hand picked, wet hulled, two step sun drying on raised beds on the Volcanic Soils of Mount Agung
  • Region: Kintamani Highlands of Central Bali, Indonesia
  • Harvest: 1200-1600m
  • Certifications: Organic
  • Cupping Notes: A complex coffee with an exotic and syrupy body with hints of chocolate, vanilla and spice. Does well as a light roast and dark roast.
  • Altitude: 1500-2000m
  • Aroma: Strawberry, tropical fruits, sweetness, and milk chocolate.

Roaster’s cup notes-Med thick mouth feel, spicy like anise/pepper, florals like cherry, and sweet like walnut /dark chocolate/carob.  Wine and pomegranite with earth undertones. Bold.