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Coffee Culture Revival

"Full Stoke" SFM Skatepark Project

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Our friend and brother, Stone, passed away unexpectedly on April 18, 2023.  Stone was one of a kind.  A thoughtful, talented, athletic, adventurous soul with a big heart; Stone loved life and made the most of every day.  Just about anyone who knew him would agree that Stone was a legend.  So we've partnered with Coffee Culture Revival to honor his memory and raise funds with FULL STOKE coffee.  Every bag of coffee sold gets us one step closer to building this amazing outdoor space for the youth of our community, and providing a safe and accessible environment for kids to just be free.  That's what Stone always wanted, and now more than ever, it's what our community needs.

Pour a cup of FULL STOKE, and let's pour this thing.  Thank you!

SFM Skatepark Project Brigade |  Cause Coffee by Revival


Live life to the fullest and be the best version of yourself. Genuine, strong, and never boring. Enjoying the beauty in every moment.  Full Stoke. These are characteristics and qualities imparted to us by the late Stone F Mercurio.

It is with great honor we present "Full Stoke" coffee in homage to this young man and the lessons his life imparted to those closest to him.  A coffee fit for an adventurer. 100% of profits from this not for profit coffee label will be donated to the SFM Skatepark foundation in loving memory of the beautiful, generous, adventurous soul that was Stone. 

Although we did not have the privilege of knowing Stone we feel a great sense of providence and honor to be the official coffee of the SFM Skatepark Project in Rome NY.  We are truly blessed to know his memory and do a small part with this cause coffee to make a contribution to his dream. We have learned that Stone would want to express how much mental health matters. How important it is to be there for your friends and your family. To treat everyone the way he did, with kindness.  Cause Coffee by Revival seeks to lift cups and lives, so we can really gel with his philosophies and aim to honor them with "Full Stoke" coffee. A full body and big flavor coffee that is vibrant and comforting. And "that was Stone, through and through"

The SFM SkatePark Project will be "public, concrete, permanent, unique, quiet, centralized, accessible, inclusive, attractive, self-governing, a safe space, an asset to the community, a destination."

The Mission of the Mercurio family and the SFM SkatePark is "To construct a destination-class skatepark for all ages and skill levels in downtown Rome, NY.

Conceived in tragedy, this has blossomed into one of the most prolific grassroots movements Rome, NY has seen in decades. We know this won’t be easy, but we are prepared for the grind – nose to tail." 

Cause Coffee by Revival, a not for profit subsidiary of Coffee Culture Revival is also Full Stoked for the Grind.  

Feel good knowing that when you put Full Stoke coffee in your cup, not only will you be lifting up your coffee experience but you are helping to make a lasting legacy to a vibrant and charismatic young man and helping to make a contribution to a cause that will help to lift up an entire community of young people. Such an important and special cause. 

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