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Coffee Culture Revival

Honduras Fair Trade Organic

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Sourced from a cooperative of farmers in a protected designation of origin within the department of La Paz, Honduras. With a significant participation of women within, resulting in a successful women’s group that has established their own farmers’ market to sell home-grown organic produce. 

  • Cultivars: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
  • Processing Method: Washed and Natural, Sun-dried on shaded raised beds.
  • Region: La Paz, Comayagua Sur, Intibuca (Central and South– Eastern region of Hon-duras.
  • Harvest: December to March
  • Certification: Fair Trade,Organic
  • Cupping Notes: Smooth, Caramel, Stone Fruit, Syrupy mouthfeel with bright berry acidity and floral aftertaste.
  • Altitude: 1700– 2200 masl
  • Aroma: Dark chocolate, blackberry, floral


Roaster’s cup notes-light mouth feel, nutty like almond, smoky like pipe tobacco, fruity like raisin and sweet like honey /caramel. A nice staple coffee, good for an after dinner coffee or a lighter breakfast coffee for a great way to start your day.