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Cause Coffee by Revival


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 A rope or line used for life-saving, typically one thrown to rescue someone in difficulties. This definition of a Life Line is exactly what we aim to package up and deliver to your cup with this Cause Coffee by Revival. 

Life Line Coffee is our first label of Cause Coffees in proud collaboration with the Camden Life Center. 100% of the profits from your coffee purchase goes right to their initiatives and is put to work in Camden, NY.  Revival and the Camden Life Center are passionate about health and wellness. We are committed to bringing many exciting health and wellness programs and services to the community of Camden including mental health, addiction recovery, parenting and prenatal care as well as community recreation.  A life line can also be defined as a thing on which someone depends or which provides a means of escape from a difficult situation.  This is the Camden Life Center.  This is Revival.

Not only can you feel good about the ways your dollars will be put to work right here in our community but you can feel good about what you are putting into your body too.  Our Cause Coffees are roasted with the same level of attention, always organic and premium quality specialty grade coffee. 

To make it even more meaningful we also use coffee that supports social justice at origin.  For example, we often use coffee sourced from Cafe Feminino, an all women cooperative of women farmers who are compensated for their coffee in ways that help build schools and security in their own homes and communities.

We are an established Not For Profit Ltd and we thank you for your support in our community.