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Coffee Culture Revival

Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic

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Coffee production is Nicaragua's main product and is a major  part of its economy and history.  The coffee beans are harvested, washed and sun-dried.

By sharing a border with Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua Coffee is predominantly made up of  co-ops of multiple types of coffee varietals and coffee farms, creating a wide range of coffee beans for specialty markets.  

  • Cultivars: Catuai, Caturram Maragogype, Catimore
  • Grade: 1
  • Processing Method: Washed; patio dried
  • Region: Murra, Nueva Segovia
  • Harvest: October to March
  • Altitude: 950-1350 feet above sea level
  • Cupping Notes: Tropical fruit, herby, citrus
  • Aroma: sweet, floral, fruity, dry coco


    Roaster’s cup notes-light-med mouth feel and effervescent. subtle sweet and nutty like brown sugar and almond. A good every day, all round coffee.