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Cause Coffee by Revival


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Cause Coffee by Revival believes in excellence, in coffee and life. With emphasis on  health food and wellness, our not for profit coffee campaigns aim to support institutions and fundraising that place focus on whole health systems and especially those that seek to include improving the condition of body, mind and spirit. Our mission is to make a lot of lives a little better one cup at a time.  

This is not a product.  If you add this to your cart we will pick a cause for you.  This is an informational page about our Coffees for Causes.  If you wish to purchase a current Cause COffee to enjoy please select a specific Cause.  If you are looking to develop your own fundraising opportunity please reach out to see if we might be of service to your next fund raising mission. 315-225-4202 .  

Committed to health and wellness, in service to community and philanthropic values from crop to cup. Cause Coffee by Revival works to establish co ventures to further enhance our manifesto: making a lot of lives a little bit better by uplifting coffee and community standards through coffee and kindness.  

When you choose cause coffee, your morning cup makes a huge impact locally and beyond, 

Our fundraising labels offer a generous 100% of profits to your cause and we can even work with you to design your own unique label.   Guided by a deeply rooted belief that coffee is more than just a caffeine fix , we believe coffee can shape communities and uplift lives. With this visionary inspired approach applied across the entire coffee supply chain, the humble cup of coffee becomes a compelling vehicle to foster community, connections and purpose.

Each package features premium specialty grade coffee sourced  with fair trade, organics, sustainability, and social justice at origin whenever possible. Many of our favorite origin coffees are sourced from an all woman cooperative whose superior coffee and coffee farming practices are compensated with higher wages and invested into improving their communities, schools and homes.  We always choose organic and we promise to never sacrifice our commitment to quality. 

We are really excited about this giving initiative and the people oriented support that fundraising with our Not for Profit line of coffees offer. Feel free to reach out to find out if we can be a fit to helping support your vision with a custom designed coffee for your cause.

We encourage you to sign up to our website for the most up to date information about this and other noteworthy causes.